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The True Cost of Outages & Downtimes
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smartQED Announces General SaaS Availability of its Intelligent Visual Workspace for Collaborative Problem Solving 

SAN MATEO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / December 2, 2020 / smartQED, Inc. today announced the general SaaS availability of its cloud service for accelerated problem resolution, featuring a visual workspace (QED Space) with an integrated machine learning based recommendation engine (QED Insights). The QED Space enables efficient team collaboration and clear status tracking during problem investigations, with data being continuously analyzed by QED Insights to generate recommendations for new problems and guide their resolutions.


With smartQED, problems are resolved up to 50 percent faster, team productivity is up to 30 percent higher, and knowledge reuse can be up to 75 percent easier, making it an essential tool for distributed operations, devops and support teams.

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Announcing the launch, smartQED CEO Julie Basu, PhD said, "Remote collaboration has never been more important than now, when millions are working from home due to the crippling pandemic. Business operations and support teams are mostly virtual, which introduces significant challenges for distributed problem-solving. Communication is badly fragmented, and information contained in a plethora of notes, emails, notifications, and call transcripts is hard to comprehend - significant time is spent searching for relevant information.

"Our solution provides an elegant workspace that enables teams to visualize a problem as the investigation unfolds, giving everyone a clear picture of the resolution status and strategy. The workspace comes with a built-in, intelligent recommendation engine that analyzes historical data and generates cause and solution suggestions to jumpstart new investigations. The power of problem visualization together with guided resolution using machine learning truly turbocharges the resolution process," she said.

The smartQED application is available at with a free tier for up to 10 users. Monthly and yearly subscription plans with early bird discounts are offered, along with custom plans for enterprises. Integrations with popular tools such as Slack and JIRA are coming soon. smartQED is part of the Microsoft for Startups program and is also available as an application in the Azure Marketplace.


QED Space

This collaborative visual workspace from smartQED features the patent-pending Investigation Map(TM), showing potential causes for a problem with associated fault status, evidence (symptoms), notes, actions, and more. It puts everyone on the same page quickly, eliminating confusion and minimizing delays. The maps can be concurrently updated by multiple users for effective real-time collaboration. Concise reports can be automatically emailed to stakeholders, reducing the burden of manual status reporting.

QED Insights

smartQED comes with an intelligent recommendation engine that analyzes data from prior problems and prescribes likely causes and solutions for new problems. These automated suggestions help teams find causes and remedies rapidly, and significantly reduce the tedious effort to search and read information in various knowledge repositories.

Terry Gallagher, Head of Customer Solutions at smartQED and a seasoned IT operations crisis manager for large enterprises, said, "More than 80 percent of an organization's knowledge articles are never opened, much less used, especially in high-pressure situations. Our smartQED product provides succinct recommendations for probable causes, greatly simplifying knowledge reuse from prior incidents."

About smartQED:

The company focuses on leveraging visualization and machine learning to accelerate problem resolution and root cause analysis, helping businesses reduce downtimes and operate more efficiently. Innovative technology from smartQED empowers operations teams to provide a higher level of service, decrease cost of operations, and mitigate the impact of system outages. The company is headquartered in Silicon Valley and founded by experienced industry veterans. For more information, please visit


Julie Basu, CEO (
1 (650) 235-4192



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